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Usually I try to be as efficient as possible when doing things. I also like having certain ways to organize and do things. A simple example is bread. I make sure to cut the bread, toast the bread and put it back together properly.

Recently I’ve decided to work on my Neovim config so that I can be more efficient with certain things. I setup the new LSP and completions stuff and even added a keybind to toggle a terminal buffer so I only ever have 1 actual terminal window open at all times, though I have to make a less dumb keybind to exit terminal mode, ctrl + \ and ctrl + n is very annoying.

Even in games as well. I have lots of chests in my single player Minecraft worlds that are properly organized and have signs to tell what chest is for what so I’m not searching through looking for the correct chest.

Sometimes my lazy side takes over and I just try to do something quickly but not necessarily efficiently, but I do try to be efficient in some things and will probably make sure other things I do are more efficient and organized.

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