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Another blog post about my mental health! Awesome.
I’ve been at home on summer holiday for basically 2 months now. While I definitely do enjoy alone time doing whatever I want, at some point I do want to talk to people. To fill this void of communication, I regularly chat in Discord but a LOT of the times it is about trivial and dumb things and I really wish I could have regular conversations about something productive rather than “which distro is better” which is a regular topic in the r/unixporn Discord server.

To occupy my time besides that, I have been playing retro games recently. This includes the SNES classics like Yoshi’s Island or PS1 stuff like Gran Turismo. The thing is I get bored VERY quickly playing single player games and there is literally no one I know with the same interests.

Friends? They’re just people you know. The only mutual interest shared with my small circle of them is anime, which is not really a good daily topic of talk (in my opinion).

So with me not being fulfilled with any of that, I am left with programming and watching YouTube videos, but there is only so much YouTube I can watch before I get bored with that and programming is the same thing where I constantly have 0 motivation to do anything.

I have a lot of mood swings, and a high percent of the time, the negative ones are more than the positive ones.

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