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I feel like I should make a more general introduction post to tell more info about myself. Hello!

I’m sammyette, if you couldn’t tell. Some people just call me sammy since it’s easier, or TorchedSammy as that’s my username in some places (kinda want to change though). I write code. It’s not good code at all, but it works and lately that is all that I care about.

Besides programming dumb things, I also watch TV shows like dramas and anime. I have MyAnimeList and MyDramaList profiles linked. As of now, I’ve been watching What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim and it’s a romantic comedy show which is a little bit dumb in a fun way. I haven’t watched an anime in a while, and the last that I was looking at was Ghost Stories of all things primarily for the “so bad that it’s good” English dub.

In any other free time I have when I’m not watching shows, I play some games. These include Stardew Valley (which I plan to write about soon), Minecraft, Teeworlds and anything that I have. I haven’t been enjoying playing these in single player lately (also will write about).

If you can’t tell, I don’t write a lot in these. Honestly, a short blog is easier to read and for me to write but when I have something that I definitely want to rant about or enthusiastic about then it won’t be a minute read, so stay tuned for that!

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