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Good entertainment for me is thrilling (melo)drama. I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I’ve been watching What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? and it’s a romance drama. I still haven’t finished watching it yet, because I’ve been writing posts for this blog and playing retro games.

A show that I have been keeping up with is The Second Husband. It’s episode length is 30mins so it’s easier to digest but has 120 episodes total. Second Husband is an interesting story since it is a revenge drama that has romance in it. The series starts off a bit slow, but progressively gets addicting and wondering what will happen in the next episode.

My first drama was Mother which is also a very interesting story about child abuse and what it really means to be a mother. Anytime someone asks for drama recommendations, I always say this first since it hit me so differently compared to others I’ve watched.

I’ve also watched the adaptation of True Beauty and even while I’ve read the source manhwa I still enjoyed it like I didn’t know anything about it.

Honestly I just wanted to shill Second Husband as it’s a drama that I am currently enjoying a lot and I’m always impatient waiting for the weekend to watch the latest 5 episodes.

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