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Please Make Your APIs Restful

Have you ever been working on something but it doesn’t work properly and you don’t know why? This is exactly what I thought when I was working on Circleload yesterday.

It’s a tool that downloads osu! beatmaps from unofficial mirrors. One of them was Kitsu (not the anime list) that looked really simple. Except when it returned status code 200 for a beatmap I know doesn’t exist.

Turns out that this API, when getting a beatmap, returns an object like this:

	"code": 404,
	"message": "Not found"

when a beatmap isn’t found. You know what else is great? None of these keys are sent on a successful request.

Thought that was all? When ratelimited while trying to download, Kitsu still sends you a nice 200 status code but sends a body of text. What if you’re not ratelimited? Normal binary data stream.

Please document your APIs and make then RESTful so I don’t cry while trying to figure out what’s wrong.

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