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I like looking at statistics sometimes. Charts, graphs or whatever, they look nice. This is why I semi-frequently look at my Wakatime dashboard. Wakatime has actually made me a bit more productive.

I set a daily goal of coding 4 hours or more everyday. The only times I can take a break on this is when I don’t code in the day at all, like just to chill on Discord or watch a kdrama. I’ve started 2 new projects in this week: Clematis and Nerine. So while working on either of these, I have to code for 4 hours at least. This has basically forced me a bit to be less lazy and to avoid putting off fixing bugs and adding features.

The thing about Wakatime is that you can also choose to be competitive by coding a lot. It has a global public leaderboard with tons of people putting tens of hours a day just programming stuff. I don’t think that I can reach to that point, otherwise I’d be idling in my text editor trying to get time up, which is least productive.

If you want to compete against me in coding, I am willing to make a leaderboard, but you also have to join my Discord server at the left.

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