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Organization & Scheduling

For the most part, I try to be as organized as possible. There’s times where I just don’t bother at all, but the way that I layout my things are pretty organized. Despite this, I actually don’t have a formal schedule for myself. I do have some sort of routine of course, but I’ll do things during the day at pretty much any time.

A friend of mine is very scheduled on their anime watching. An entire spreadsheet for the year of what to watch, on what day and the episode. I don’t think I can reach to that level of proper scheduling. I definitely do want to make a schedule of what I’ll do during the week, that being working projects or idling on Discord, or watching anime.

Speaking of schedules is sleep schedule. For the past few weeks, I have been going to sleep at around 11:30pm or 12am and waking up at 7:45am. I do want to fix this to get more sleep (maybe an hour earlier, 10pm) but it isn’t an actual problem for me right now. A method to sleep better is the 90 minute sleep cycle. For the time that I want to wake up, track back 90 minutes each to the closest time that I intend to go to bed. I saw this idea from a YouTube video and thought it would work decently so I’ll try it eventually.

Back to organization. I recently tagged a bunch of my music so that I can import into cmus and for the sake of consistency. YouTube won’t have any metadata tags, and download websites vary. It takes effort to do these things but makes sure that everything looks nice and of course organized.

In having a schedule, you’re most likely gonna be an organized person and that is the next step that I want to take.

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