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Software Names

Naming things is hard, especially new projects and software. I like flowers. They’re pretty and nice so if I’m lazy, I just name a new piece of my software based on a flower that I like. But I don’t just pick any flower. I gotta have a unique sounding name and I also can’t just name the repo “NightSkyPetunia” so I’m limited to a short single word name.

Other times I do actually take effort in thinking of a name based on what it is about, or thing of a random name and just theme the project based on it. The latter is easier to do in my opinion. Like for Ceta which is short for Cetacean and a working logo could just be a whale. Econode is one of those projects with a name that has effort put into it, and kinda says what it’s about.

A nice name for your project can bring some kind of interest or a nice logo. I would say that I am good at naming things. Some people also say that I am.

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