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Redesigning My Website

Look! I redesigned my website. No longer will my blog and home page look completely different.

Starting from yesterday, I have moved my website from being a plain GitHub pages site written in just HTML to Hugo, which I also use for my blogs. This means that I now have both my blog content and my site content in one place, and that they look exactly the same.

But why?

Because I wanted to. I like Hugo. I see most people using it just for blogs but forget that it’s just a plain (not so much) static site generator. The (work in progress) Hilbish website was created with Hugo. After I finished that, I thought that I could also make my personal website use Hugo and today I have finally finished that as well.

Web development and design is not entirely easy for me. It took a few hours to get this site how I wanted to. I used to be decent at CSS, since when I was making Discord bots I had to make a nice looking landing page for them, but basically fell off after I stopped. You might guess that I styled this entirely by myself, but that would be wrong.

Introducing Sakura

(Or maybe, sakura, all lowercase)
This is a minimal CSS framework (link at the footer) that “turns any ugly-looking 1900s website to a pretty, modern website” according to the readme, and I can definitely say that it works really well for that.

I think of it as a stepping stone. You have some basic things done to make your plain HTML site look decent, and if you want to go further with it, you can go as far as you want without sakura being in your way.

The result is a nice and simple but great looking site that is pretty quick to load. I even made a theme switcher, for those who like the light. I don’t, so it’s default to the darker theme.

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made with hugo & sakura